Interview With Household Stories

Sound Chronicles (SC): What first struck me about you guys was your band name “Household Stories” (HS). Please, elaborate a bit about how the name came about.

Household Stories (HS): Well, we first came together with our instruments in the upstairs of Jon’s duplex, which is home to his housemate, Steve. When we started to get serious about the whole band thing Steve helped us out with the name game… we wanted something that related to our musical upbringing and music itself, Household Stories says it all. So thanks to Steve, our friend and fan, Household Stories came to be.


SC: I like to think that every band has a unique musical point of view. What would you say is the musical point of view for HS? 

HS: Good, relatable song writing…with a unique melodic message anyone can listen to and enjoy, whether they are 16 or 60.


SC: What is HS trying to achieve, if anything, with their sound?

HS: We would like to reach as many people as possible with our music (I guess that’s the cliché answer), yet still maintain a unique and fresh outlook in the music business.


SC: Let’s talk musical influences. Who’s inspired you to write and create your music? 

HS: To be honest that’s a hard question to answer seeing how music is such an integral part of our lives, but if we had to nail it down the 90’s Indie scene (Weezer, Nada Surf, Pavement, etc.) , all the classics (The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello) and the recent Indie scene (Death Cab for Cutie, Manchester Orchestra, Brand New, Weatherbox, etc.)

SC: Though you guys are young, there is an “old soul” quality about your music, very reminiscent of The Clarks who are also based in Pittsburgh. How would you rate the current  indie music scene in the city of Pittsburgh? Are you guys close with any other bands around town?

HS: From playing in Pittsburgh you can get a sense of how the Indie scene is growing. The more we play the more we discover. There are a plethora of bands we love to play with and who only add to the growing Indie genre. Valedictorian, These Lions, Mount Royal and The Semi-Supervillains are only to name few, but are some of the great bands hovering around Pittsburgh.


SC: So, what’s it like to be a local band?  Any favorite venues you like to play? Any insane shows that stick out in your mind? Any stalker fans as of yet?

HS: Being a local band is great…the more we play the more we enjoy it. Pittsburgh has a great music scene stemming from Carson St. on the Southside to Mr. Smalls on the North and to Howler’s Coyote Café in Bloomfield; there are plenty of great venues to play at. We love the ex-cinema feel of the Rex Theater (as well as the sound of course), yet I don’t think we can pin one venue as our favorite because they are all so unique in their own way.


SC: Okay, random question: Pepsi or Coke? Or beer? Don’t worry, this is totally a critical question in the interview process.

HS: Easy, Coke. Unless it’s the weekend.


SC: As you know, there is tons of good music floating around right now. What kind of music do you listen to outside of your own genre. Feel free to name names. 

HS: Some of the bands we like to listen to outside of our genre include, but are definitely not limited to, The Strokes, 1,2,3, Bombay Bicycle Club, Givers, Bon Iver, Colour Revolt…the list can go on and on and on.


SC: What’s the next step for Household Stories? Can we expect an EP soon?

HS: Next step, hmmm. Well, we have the artwork for our first EP in the works, done by a great local artist. I believe by the end of September 2011 it will be finished and ready to buy.


Big thanks to Household stories for allowing me to interview them. We look forward to music from you in the future!

Happy Listening,



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